Our clients appreciate the benefits of outsourcing, which allows them to concentrate on the development of the company.

  • Compilation, document analysis, coding and processing of monthly operations
  • Reconciliation of bank accounts and investments
  • Asset registration and control
  • Control of petty cash
  • Preparation of financial statements in local and foreign currency
  • Consolidation of financial statements
  • Monthly update of the accounting books
  • Attention of external audits
  • File and custody of documents
  • Tax and information declarations, according to their periodicity
  • Reports to institutions by special regimes, Free Zones, municipal patent declarations
  • Partial rent payments, quarterly
  • Timbre Education and Culture (D 110), annually
  • Annual Income Tax (D 101)
  • Annual statement of deductions and definitive payroll taxes (D 152)

Benefits of outsourcing:

Mejore su gestión financiera
Improve your management
  • We provide high quality information
  • Timely information for decision making

Disminuya Costos
Reduce your costs
  • Lower costs in systems
  • Lower training costs

Controle su negocio
Control your business
  • Quality of service guaranteed by international standards

Reduzca riesgos
Reduce your risks
  • Decreased dependence on staff
  • We provide experienced and reliable service