Fund Management

Our experience and integrity allows us to provide complete financial outsourcing service, according to client’s needs.

  • Accounts Receivable
    • Issue of invoices
    • Administration, collection and invoices control
    • Control of bank accounts

  • Suppliers
    • Accounts payable management
    • Direct coordination with suppliers
    • Payment of invoices: suppliers, utilities, taxes, patents, INS, CCSS

  • Payroll

Benefits of outsourcing:

Mejore su gestión financiera
Improve your financial management
  • Efficiently manage your resources
  • Manage your collections and payments in a timely manner

Disminuya Costos
Decrease costs
  • Less staff recruitment
  • Accurate fund management

Controle su negocio
Control your business
  • Release resources for the development of the business

Reduzca riesgos
Reduce risks
  • Reduce dependence on qualified personnel