Payroll Administration

Our team assures you of the accuracy, confidentiality and legal compliance of the labor ends and above all the timely payment of your employees.

  • Registration of the company with the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS)
  • Registration of the company with the National Insurance Institute (INS)
  • Payroll with different frequency, weekly, bi weekly, fortnightly, monthly and with different days, mixed, day and night
  • Calculation of net wages, including bonuses, benefits and deductions
  • Calculation of taxes, social charges
  • Processing and payment of wages
  • Payroll report according to customer requirements
  • Preparation of monthly reports and payments to the CCSS, INS and the Ministerio de Hacienda
  • Statement to the employee
  • Vacation control
  • Control and payment of bonuses
  • Calculation and payment severance payments

Benefits of outsourcing:

Mejore su gestión financiera
Improve your management
  • Always pay on time
  • Release administrative resources

Disminuya Costos
Reduce your costs
  • Avoid personnel problems

Controle su negocio
Control your business
  • We provide payroll confidentiality
  • Updating in labor matters

Reduzca riesgos
Reduce risk
  • Access to specialists in payroll
  • Compliance with labor obligations